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2nd Chance Treatment Center | Glendale, AZ
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About 2nd Chance Drug Rehab Center

2nd Chance Treatment Center exists to help those who have taken a step off their healthiest path in life. With a long history of happily rehabilitated patients, you can know that you and your loved ones will always be in a safe, wholesome environment with 2nd Chance Treatment Center’s outpatient program. Consultations from our doctors will have you ready to move forward in the next chapter of your life. Contact us to schedule your appointment today – we proudly serve patients in Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa & Chandler!

Patient Testimonials

We value our patients in Glendale who are willing to share their drug rehabilitation success stories with the world. Read testimonials from others who were given a 2nd Chance!

I would like to thank Dr. Reddy and the staff at 2nd Chance Treatment Center for being such a very important role in my road to recovery! 2nd Chance Treatment was the first healthcare provider I contacted to have some questions answered and to talk about a plan to end my opioid use.
J.J. – Glendale, AZ
My first visit with him was my first time acknowledging and asking for help with my addiction, and Iā€™m so very thankful I did. He listed to me and made sure to address my concerns and questions while treating me with patience and respect.
Jeannie – Peoria, AZ

Questions to Consider Before Rehabilitation

Finding a drug rehabilitation center in Glendale that cares about your health and future can be more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Before you, a friend, or a family member considers any drug rehab program, ask the following questions and make sure to do your proper research:

  1. What purpose does your addiction treatment program serve in your community?
  2. What experience and licenses does the staff have with a case like yours?
  3. Is billing reasonable and are there appropriate methods for helping yourself financially?
  4. What kind of information and service does the facility provide for the price?
  5. How does the treatment program work to return you to your day to day life?
  6. What activities does the facility encourage and does that seem like a comfortable environment?
  7. Will the rehab clinic offer follow up service, even after much time has passed?

Outpatient Rehabilitation in Glendale, Arizona

Our providers have a strong calling for treating Opioid Addiction and Alcohol Addiction with the latest evidence-based tools and methods. We have a long history using medication-assisted treatment to treat various addictions, but we also approach our patients with the information and courtesy necessary to make the healing process go safely, smoothly, and naturally.

Drug Treatment We Provide