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2nd Chance Treatment Center
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About 2nd Chance Drug Rehab Center

If you are seeking addiction treatment in Mesa, 2nd Chance Treatment is one of the best drug rehab facilities in the area. We proudly treat patients from Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, and are always looking to help more individuals reach the point of their life they have been waiting for. Freeing patients from the grip of addiction is what makes 2nd Chance so good at what we do! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Patient Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from some of our favorite patients in Mesa. Read our patient stories to find more about our success handling addictions.

Starting from the very first scheduling call I made, I have been treated in a very professional, friendly, and respectful manner. They were able to schedule my first appointment within the week!
J.J. – Mesa, AZ
I am grateful for Suboxone, and for leading me to a doctor who is truly qualified, and interested, in helping me get well. I trust him completely and I am very happy that he trusts me, too.
Sheryl – Mesa, AZ

Questions to Consider Before Rehabilitation

Trustworthy drug rehab facilities are hard to find. It’s important to surround yourself with a team that wants to see you grow out of your old life and away from addiction. Before you or a friend/family member considers any drug rehabilitation programs, be sure to ask about these topics to ensure you are putting yourself in the right facility.

  1. Payments plans and methods of payment
  2. Experience and qualifications of the faculty
  3. Services you receive for the price you pay
  4. Steps of the treatment process
  5. Activites the facility encourages patients to participate in
  6. Facility follow-up process

Outpatient Rehabilitation in Mesa, Arizona

2nd Chance Treatment specializes in opioid and alcohol addictions by treating them with therapy and medication. Our addiction medicine specialists develop individual treatment plans for each patient to help ease them out of recovery and into their new life. It’s important to manage your relationships at work, home, and with your family. Addiction stops you from growing in your personal life and restricts your abilities to socialize. If you think a loved one could possibly be addicted, be sure to connect them with professionals that can help them manage their condition.

Drug Treatment We Provide