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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common mental health disorder that affects both children and adults. For men and women in throughout the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, the professional ADHD care available at 2nd Chance is truly life-altering. If you’re suffering from ADHD and searching for a treatment path that delivers lasting results, book an appointment today. Online scheduling is fast and easy, or you can always call to check availability.


What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a common mental health issue that can have numerous negative effects. The condition usually presents symptoms during childhood, but is often left undiagnosed until adulthood.

Left untreated, ADHD can create numerous problems that make it difficult to succeed at work, in social settings, and within relationships. Many men and women with ADHD also struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It’s important to know the signs of ADHD and when to seek professional assistance.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

In adults, the symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Excessive activity levels or restlessness
  • Difficulty coping with stress
  • Impulsiveness
  • Inability to multitask
  • Problems maintaining attention or focus
  • Poor time management and organizational skills
  • Inability to tolerate frustration
  • Mood swings

This is not a comprehensive list, and your experience with ADHD may differ from that of others. It’s also important to note that symptoms can change as you move through the transitions into adolescence and adulthood.

What are some ways to treat ADHD?

The right medication in the proper dose can make a world of difference in your experience with ADHD. Some drugs are stimulants and work to increase chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters. Other medications focus on managing depression, and can be a good option for those who cannot tolerate stimulant medications.

Therapy is also an important part of treating ADHD. At 2nd Chance, a group of talented and experienced psychologists works with you to identify your distinct strengths and weaknesses and create a customized therapy plan.

Through counseling, you can improve these essential skills:

  • Time management
  • Managing temper and improving reactions to stress
  • Dealing with academic, social, or work setbacks
  • Reducing impulsive behaviors
  • Improving problem-solving skills

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a preferred therapy method for ADHD. This approach teaches you how to identify and change thinking patterns in a way that yields better results. Over time, CBT can have a lasting positive impact on your relationships and performance at school or work.

When you’re ready to begin ADHD treatment, book a consultation online or over the phone.