Maintenance Medication

Choose the alternative to inpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient evidence-based treatment for opioid and alcohol addictions.

Our Maintenance Medication Treatment plans have proven successful in increasing retention rates, improving treatment outcomes and decreasing the incidences of relapses.

Behavioral Therapy

The recovery process is a delicate balance of strength, determination and commitment to a better future.

A patient's mental state of mind can influence success tremendously, and it is important to have the tools needed to overcome any barriers.

Patient Education

Everyone's situation is unique, and understanding the different steps of recovery and the resources available for support and information is critical in helping one overcome an opioid or alcohol use disorder.

Our integrated treatment approach will return you to the life you love.

Our outpatient evidence-based treatment model is designed to increase retention rates and improve treatment outcomes. We are here to help you with a lasting recovery, with the lowest chance of relapses.

Maintenance Medication

Patients are thoroughly evaluated for Opioid Use Disorder and/or Alcohol Use Disorder at their initial session to determine the best treatment option.

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Behavioral Therapy

A successful recovery is dependent on an integrated approach, incorporating behavioral therapy.
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Patient Education & Resources

Having access to the right resources and becoming educated on your condition, treatment options and possible outcomes is critical to a successful recovery.

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