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Mental Health

2nd Chance Treatment Center

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Mental health is directly tied to our overall health and wellness, and is a need that is far too often overlooked. At 2nd Chance throughout the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, some of the area’s best psychologists and other mental health professionals offer customized therapy for a wide range of mental health issues. If you’re searching for a new approach to addressing lingering emotional concerns, schedule a one-on-one appointment today, online or by phone.

Mental Health Q & A

What is mental health?

Your mental health encompasses your psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It is a critical part of your overall health and wellness, and shapes virtually all aspects of your daily life. Your mental health has a direct effect on how you feel, think, and act when you interact with others, encounter stress, and make important choices that guide the course of your life.

Mental health problems develop at any age, and can cause numerous difficulties. Researchers identified a direct connection between mental health and addiction to drugs or alcohol.

How do I know if I have a mental health issue?

Everyone encounters difficulties, and mood changes are a normal part of life. However, when your emotions seem to get in the way of your normal daily routines or you notice substantial shifts in your mood, it may be time to seek treatment.

Some signs that indicate a mental health disorder include:

  • Feeling numb or disconnected
  • Turning to drugs, alcohol, or habits like smoking to avoid negative thoughts or feelings
  • Severe mood swings that affect your relationships
  • Pulling away from the people or activities you usually enjoy
  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Changes in your eating and sleeping habits
  • Thoughts of self-harm

These are just some of the signs of mental health issues. If you’re concerned about these types of changes, it may be a good idea to work with a therapist to find solutions.

How common are mental health problems?

Nearly one out of every five American adults encounters mental health illness each year. Just over half of adults with a substance abuse problem also have some form of mental illness.

Those statistics underscore the importance of seeking help for mental health challenges. At 2nd Chance, mental health care is always part of addiction treatment services.

What can be done to treat mental health issues?

Treatment begins with a professional evaluation of your symptoms, lifestyle, and overall health. Once your specialist understands your specific set of needs, a treatment plan is devised to address any issues in a way that aligns with your unique strengths.

After your initial assessment, your doctor provides information on FDA-approved medications that might help treat your condition. You’ll receive everything needed to make an informed decision about your care, including a list of pros and cons associated with each option.

Therapy also helps manage mental health conditions. Patient-centered counseling helps you identify areas where you can make meaningful improvements in your lifestyle or behavior.

To learn more, schedule a visit today using the online tool or over the phone.