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Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol addiction is neither easy to talk about nor easy to treat. Overcoming addiction can be a long, bumpy, and challenging road – but know that if you’re struggling with addiction, there are many resources to find help and support.

If you or are ready to stop drinking, know that you can recover from alcohol addiction and abuse. We here at 2nd Chance understand the challenge of seeking help. You can overcome and prevail; you don’t have to wait until rock bottom. The road to recovery and treatment can begin right away.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency. The most common form of alcoholism is known as Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD. AUD is when a person engages in drinking that is severe or excessive, and that causes harm or endangers the person as well as those around them. Over 7 percent of adults in the US suffer from AUD.

How Do I Kick an Alcohol Addiction?

The first step in seeking treatment is making a commitment to change. Know that change doesn’t just magically occur; it often takes time, patience, and tenacity. In the beginning, denial is probably the biggest roadblock on the pathway to change. Even after admitting the problem, it’s easy to procrastinate, make excuses, or otherwise continue down the same behaviors.

If you are ready to take control of your life and want to overcome your alcohol addiction, please call 2nd Chance today.

If you’re having trouble committing to the decision for change, consider thinking about the costs and benefits of either choice – what are the costs and benefits if you continue drinking? What are the costs and benefits if you stop? Allow the benefits of stopping to really sink in, and honestly, scrutinize just how much you’re giving up if you don’t seek treatment and help. Some people may need assistance through behavioral therapy.

Set Goals for Yourself

The eventual goal of treatment is abstinence from alcohol. While seeking treatment, it is important to set clear and deliberate goals for yourself. Decide if you want to stop altogether (“quit cold turkey”) or to start by cutting back. Set precise dates and stick to them. Also, set yourself up for success. Announce your goals to family and friends to get support. Remove temptations or bad influences as you begin your journey towards treatment, and be upfront with your new limits.

Detox / Get Sober Safely

Once you made a commitment and set goals, make sure you detoxify and get sober in a safe manner. Some can stop drinking on their own, but others need medical supervision to make sure that withdrawal symptoms are managed. Your needs depend on the amount, frequency and length of time you’ve been drinking. It doesn’t hurt to err on the side of safety. If you experience any serious symptoms such as severe vomiting, hallucinations, fever, or seizures, seek medical and professional help immediately.

Rehabilitation and Maintenance

As a part of the Alcohol Addiction treatment, you will seek to find skills that help you maintain sobriety. This could be a combination of counseling or maintenance medication. After rehabilitation, the success of treatment depends on maintaining sobriety through the help of supportive programs, as well as the support of friends, family, and your communities.

Get Your Alcohol Addiction Treated at 2nd Chance Treatment Center

A health professional can help accurately diagnose any symptoms to determine if Alcohol Use Disorder is present. However, only you can seek the help you need. Even if you feel your addiction is mild, don’t be afraid to look for professional assistance. Regardless of the perceived severity of the problem, treatment can greatly aid in recovery and overcoming AUD. Only a small fraction of people who could use treatment and help seek it, though. In 2012, only 1.4 million adults, or 8% of those in need, sought professional help.

Don’t be another statistic. We are ready to help through our integrated treatment approach.

Treatment can greatly increase an individual’s chances of overcoming AUD. Although severe alcohol problems often get more media coverage and public attention, even mild or moderate cases of AUD can cause serious harm to individuals and their families. Don’t hesitate to seek help if you feel you may need it. At 2nd Chance Treatment Center, you will receive some of the best Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Arizona. The approach will be tailor-made to meet your individual needs, which promotes a faster recovery and a seamless integration to the environment. A proper treatment program also ensures a full recovery and reduced chances of a relapse. We understand that every patient has their own unique needs meaning that every treatment approach should be unique to each patient.


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