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Addiction Medicine Specialists

Struggles with Opioid And Alcohol Addiction

Opioid and alcohol tolerance and dependence are developed over time and can lead to significant side effects on your body, mind, and social environment. Many times withdrawal from these drugs will put your body in a state where it needs the drug to continue to function, and at that point, the user needs help from an outside source, either a family or close friend, and finally a trusted drug treatment facility nearby.


Tolerance and Dependence

Tolerance and dependence grow as time goes by, and the user requires large amounts of the drugs to feel the same high as they once had. For alcohol, this is a tolerable effect that can be handled with the help of someone else, or by willpower. For a more potent addiction like opioids, it can be very difficult to function during withdrawal phases, even with the help of others. 2nd Chance Treatment in Phoenix has a thorough program for opioid addictions and can root the addiction from the ground up.


Social Side Effects of Addiction

There are also the social side effects whereby you cannot have a healthy relationship with your family and mates. You tend to be aggressive at times, and this might ruin your relationship with people around you. Often times behavioral therapy treatments will help the user in this kind of situation and ease them back into their social environments.

Fortunately, addiction treatment specialists are there to see you through the process until you are not under the influence of the two conditions.

Handling the addiction by yourself

You can control alcohol and opium addiction on your own after receiving motivation from your physician, family, friends or colleagues. It takes passion and willingness to overcome it. For example, one can get into new activities. By being busy, you can barely think about drugs. You can also change the people you associate yourself with and get new friends. This will make it harder for you to access drugs and eventually you will entirely do away with them. Participating in groups with people who have fulfilling lives is the best way to rid your life of drugs and their overhanging shadow.


Who Are Addiction Medicine Specialists?

The aim is to help you get over your addiction and any aspects that trigger the risk of you taking the drugs. The specialists can recognize and diagnose your addiction to opium and alcohol. They also have the knowledge and excellent communication skills to communicate with the victim about the relevant treatment services.

If you or a loved one has an addiction to alcohol, please contact professionals who are experienced in alcohol addiction treatment as to receive proper care.

Treatment specialists can identify the unhealthy risks of using the drugs and also determine the dangers of using a particular treatment strategy thus encouraging the other members of the team to change the technique. The specialists can manage appropriate consultation to help the addicts to deal with any co-occurring medical conditions. With all these skills, it is easy to help the victims overcome the addiction problem.


Process For Treating Opioid and Alcohol Addictions

The process involves multiple services which include;

A detox referral – The aim is to help the victims get rid of both the addiction problem, and eliminate the drug substances that are already in the body through a detox program. It involves cleansing the bloodstream.

Holistic treatment – The aim is to help the addicts overcome the addiction problem. The procedure provides them with tools to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Therapy – The treatment aims to identify the behavioral pattern of the patient, by listening and watching if there are any changes as the procedure goes by.

Education – By educated and giving our patients the information they need to move on in their life, it also shows them a path into an existence without drugs or alcohol, and many of these resources can guide an understanding into why addiction is so dangerous.


Find Experienced Medicine Specialists at 2nd Chance Treatment Center

The process of choosing a qualified and experienced addiction treatment specialist can be formidable, and that is why you need to be cautious before settling for one. Ensure that they are certified and approved to offer the services. Also, ensure that they are licensed as this process can be sensitive and you cannot predict what may happen. Check their facilities and services first to ensure that they have customized plans that can fit your specific needs. 2nd Chance Treatment has a staff with experience in dealing with a wide range of addictions, using modern methods to root addictions from the ground up.

If you, your relative or friend is undergoing addiction problems, please contact us for help and let us help you overcome the issue fast and efficiently.

Sana Khan

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