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About 2nd Chance Drug Rehab Center

When life hands you tough situations, it can seem impossible to find someone willing to give you a second chance. 2nd Chance Treatment is an outpatient drug rehab center in Phoenix, Arizona, with physicians trained in treating addiction and providing patients with the ability to live a drug-free life through many proven treatment methods. Schedule an appointment at our Phoenix location today!

Patient Testimonials

We value our patients in Phoenix who are willing to share their drug rehabilitation success stories with the world. Read testimonials from others who were given a 2nd Chance!

This disease devours your total being. I had to get better. Not only did I find a tool that would work for me, I found one that would let me continue my life.
This time was different. After I left the treatment center, I didn’t have the urge to use right away. Because of the Buprenorphine I learned there was a life beyond opioid abuse.

Questions to Consider Before Rehabilitation

When searching for a drug rehab facility in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler or Glendale, it can seem like a difficult task or impossible task. Here are a few steps to take and questions to ask if you or a family member is considering Phoenix drug rehab. Use the below questions as a checklist to help you evaluate your options and compare services of drug rehab Phoenix treatment centers you are considering:

  1. What is the goal of your addiction treatment program?
  2. What certifications and licenses do your treatment center and its staff have?
  3. How does the billing work? Does the center take insurance? Is financing available?
  4. What are the services included in your fee?
  5. What activities will you be required to participate in while in the drug rehab program?
  6. What therapeutic model theories form the foundation of the treatment program?
  7. What does the drug rehab treatment program do to return you to everyday living?
  8. Does the rehab clinic provide follow-up care after being discharged? If so, how long?

Outpatient Rehabilitation in Phoenix, Arizona

We take an evidence-based approach to outpatient drug rehabilitation at our Phoenix location. We focus on techniques that help you overcome your addiction and integrate back in to your regular life. Our drug addiction treatment methods are not only effective, but they are affordable compared to inpatient rehab. Don’t put your family, friends and life on hold… you deserve a second chance with the assistance of the right drug or alcohol recovery program.

Drug Treatment We Provide