Peer Counseling Specialist

Connecting with individuals in your age group can help you find common ground and spark positive change. At 2nd Chance Treatment Center in Phoenix, Glendale, and Gilbert, Arizona, the experienced team offers supportive peer counseling for adolescents, teens, and adults. Peer counseling can help you gain a new perspective on challenges in your life. Call 2nd Chance Treatment Center or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about peer counseling.


What is peer counseling?

Peer counseling is a form of therapy that encourages individuals in similar age groups to support and serve as resources for each other. Teenagers and young adults may feel more comfortable speaking with their peers, rather than with adults, to get the mental health care they deserve.

At 2nd Chance Treatment Center, the team works with individuals to ensure peer counseling groups have the tools they need to have safe and productive discussions.

Why is peer counseling important?

Peer counseling offers unique advantages for teens and adults. Peer counselors give young adults a space where they can feel comfortable discussing topics they may not want to talk about with adults. A student’s peers are also more relatable than adult counselors and may face similar challenges.

Similarly, adults may find it easier to open up to people who have lived through relatable obstacles and situations. The unique perspective that a peer can offer allows individuals to expand their support system and take advantage of fresh and contemporary solutions.

What can I expect from peer counseling?

Counselors often draw from their own experiences and stories to connect with their peers. Hearing about their peers’ life experiences may help you relax and feel less judged than you might in a traditional therapy setting.

Peer counseling looks different for everyone. Some people seek advice from their peers on career guidance, interpersonal relationships, or grief. The environment is typically more casual and open than individual therapy with a professional therapist.

Are there other types of counseling?

Peer counseling is rarely a single service. Many individuals seeking peer counseling can also benefit from other types of counseling, such as:

Group counseling

Group counseling is a collection of people seeking advice from others in similar situations. Many individuals join support groups for substance abuse, eating disorders, grief, and other types of obstacles in life.

Individual counseling

Individual counseling allows you to work closely with a licensed counselor to develop evidence-based coping strategies and set achievable goals for your future.

At 2nd Chance Treatment Center, the team offers multiple types of counseling and therapy to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Call 2nd Chance Treatment Center or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about peer counseling.

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